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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A great read!

I loved this short novella so much, I have to share!

Author Bronwyn Storm held an online contest for a free copy of her novella, The Genie's Curse, released through The Wild Rose Press. I won! It's only fifty pages long, and a blast to read.

This 55-page novella is a delight to the funny bone. How great is a light-hearted paranormal comedy where the heroine spends more than half the story trapped in a dog's body? Every word is as delicious as the cream cheese frosted cinnamon buns the hero withholds from Abby when she's Princess, the Irish Setter. A story for every romance lover.

Seriously, I pretty much laughed from the first page until page 50, when things took a turn for the serious and the relationship resolution got underway.

Me reviewing a book on my blog is a new thing. We'll see if it continues. I'm thinking of starting a dog romance club, and if that works out, I will be having guest blogs from dog/cat romance writers.

Kudos, Bron! You're the real thing. This story is a delight!

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