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Friday, June 22, 2007

What Constitutes Balance?

I thought it was Wax On, Wax Off. Homework and writing come out evenly.

I think I was wrong.

It's time to examine the definition of balance. From time to time, it becomes apparent that one aspect of life is dramatically underserved or overserved. I have concluded a break should be taken from the rest of daily activities to restore (or at least IMPROVE) the imbalance.

I haven't done a lick of homework in two weeks. I have two months left to finish my course. It's time to get on the stick. So how could I permit myself to spend a week cleaning the house and organizing my life?

I realize that it was necessary to do this in the name of balance. I am more free to do my homework when the house is clean. When my kids feel like they have had some attention and have clean clothes to wear. When we are eating nutritious meals that don't cost as much as eating out.

Don't panic. I am still the same, lazy slob. I don't intend to keep a tidy house--until I can afford a maid. However, we are making an effort to live more healthily and frugally.

The question of the day is: Why is doing the dishes the reward one gets for fixing dinner? The pots and pans are going to sit in the sink until the next morning, thank you very much.

Posted at 3:46 PM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scratch this off my to-do list

Have you ever gone swimming in a duck pond?
I had a productive day. I didn't feel sick for the first time in about six weeks.

I went to Costco. I wrote 2.5 pages (yay, that's more than today's goal) and then I made a lovely dinner of fishsticks and french fries. Then I had to take my mother in law some items at her assisted living. Well, while we were there, my kids went out to watch the ducks in the pond.
My toddler threw her shoe into the pond. This is her precious Sponge Bob croc. She must have it back. She tries to get it back herself.
So what does Mom do? Take a swim in the slimy and freezing cold duck pond. Because it was so slimy, I slid on the concrete floor of the pond and went in up to my neck. I was so cold I could barely breathe.
I tossed the shoe out, floundered my way out, dripping wet in a pair of beige pants and a white T-shirt to find an audience watching me. Funny. There were only a couple of old ladies hanging over the bridge when I waded in. My older daughter stared at me. "Mom, aren't you wearing any underwear?" OK, yeah, but under my white tee I was wearing a beige bra. Sigh.
As soon as I made it up the incline to the bank, Dizzy (toddler) threw the shoe back in.
I was so cold. So cold. And in shock. That is as close to hypothermia as I ever want to get.
Kinda knocked the creative wind out of me for the day, but I'm hoping to get a few more pages in after I get her to sleep. She's running around full speed.
Next time I go to the MIL's, I will wear my bathing suit.
Actually, I decided Dizzy doesn't get to visit the ducks for a while. She'll have to watch them from Grandma's balcony.
We made it home with both shoes. After Sponge Bob took a second dip in the pond, I got smarter. I stood at the edge of the pond in a mostly un-slimey spot and watched the pattern the shoe took as it spun around the edge of the pond. After about three passes, I reached in and snagged it. If I'd done that the first time instead of wading in, I wouldn't have gotten all wet.
I took a hot shower with a pint of antibacterial soap when I got home.

Posted at 10:43 PM by Grace Tyler :: 4 comments

Proud to Announce...

That I am going to start over with the checkbook. That's right. After 2 months skipping all the debit card entries, which total about 400 entries, I have decided to trust the bank and start afresh.

Of note, I have two accounts. The one I use to pay the bills, I have kept current. The spending money/grocery account is the one in desperate shape. There is a drawer full of receipts, which I have no intention of rectifying at this time.

Now it is time to buy groceries. It is hungry time around here!

Posted at 10:47 AM by Grace Tyler :: 0 comments

Strange phenomena

I woke up spontaneously today. I don't feel like crap. This is a huge deal. I don't remember this happening even once since my LEEP procedure, over a month ago.

And it happened despite the two hour break I took from sleeping in the middle of the night. Woke up, couldn't fall back asleep for two hours.

Guess I was tired of sleeping.

Truthfully, I think my trip to the voodoo massage therapist helped. She does a version of reflexology that keeps me stumbling along. Problem: She lives out of town so I only get to see her about every three weeks. Except this time it had been since before the LEEP.

Smile. She moved back!!! Yippee!! And sentenced me to a foot zone treatment once a week for the foreseeable future to build up my immune system. And kicked me off my M&M diet. How am I supposed to write without M&Ms?

Posted at 9:00 AM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ain't this purty?

A little pimpage for my friend, Crystal Jordan, who made me this pretty pretty blog.

I love looking different from the other blogs, and I LURV purple. So I'm in heaven. I would love to hang out here all the time.

Drop by and keep my company, please.

Posted at 10:55 AM by Grace Tyler :: 5 comments

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Julie Cohen's first page Challenge

Author Julie Cohen issued a First Page Challenge. Put up the first page of a published book or work in progress, and break down what you were trying to do. Post the link on her blog, and hopefully you'll get some traffic and people commenting on whether or not you succeeded in your efforts.

Here's my selection, destined to be an inspirational chicklit novel:

“Every part of me is virgin. May I have the same reassurance from you?”

Samantha Holley nearly choked on her pasta Alfredo. Holy Cow! I expect every reader to do the same when she reads the first sentence. “Pardon me?” Setting her fork down, she cleared her throat and waited for her date to repeat himself. She couldn’t have heard him correctly the first time. Disbelief. Shock. This date is obviously NOT with our hero.

He said it again. Word for word.

And the evening had been going so well.

Choosing her words carefully, Sam tried to keep her expression neutral. “I didn’t realize there were degrees of virginity.” She’s trying to figure out what the heck he means. Reeling with disbelief, she met his ardent gaze with a frozen stare. Her smile was so brittle that she thought her face would crack. Trying to keep her composure and stay polite in what must be a freaky situation.

Jerry was extolling the virtues of “complete” virginity, which apparently meant that he was saving every millimeter himself for marriage, down to not kissing or holding hands until the blessed nuptials occurred. Which wasn’t likely if he repeated his virginity proclamation on future first dates. I’m hoping for a bit of humor with this last sentence.

When they’d met, he had seemed so normal. He’d taken her to The Olive Garden, held a lovely conversation by email and in the car on the way to dinner. No indication whatsoever that he was—what?

A complete nut. My girl’s being a bit judgmental here, but do you blame her? This sets up some growth for her, as she will re-encounter this gentleman later in the book and feel more kindly toward him.

“You see, Samantha, I’ve discovered a way to avoid sin. Without temptation, there is no sin. Therefore, no kissing. No skin to skin contact. I’ve mastered temptation.” This is quite a concept, don’t you think? In theory, it should work.

“I admire your confidence,” she said, dabbing her napkin at the corners of her mouth. Did he actually say he’d mastered temptation? Could he be more conceited? Again she’s being judgmental, hopefully not so much that my readers won’t like her. I think at this point they are going to identify with her rather than the date, and they will think she’s justified in her attitude.

Now, what the heck is she going to do? Is she going to finish the date? Run out the back door and flag a cab? You don’t know her well enough to anticipate what she’s going to do, so you’re going to think of what YOU would do here and wonder if she’d do the same.

Posted at 10:14 PM by Grace Tyler :: 11 comments

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update on several fronts

From the BatCave...

All I'm doing about weight right now is trying to get in a walk a couple of times a week. It does seem to help with the fibro. And somewhat with sleeping, although if I wake up and I hurt somewhere (odds are pretty doggone good of that happening every night) I rarely fall back asleep until time to get up.

I also did something disgusting today. I drank a caffeine-free Diet Poopsi. I admit--I mixed it half and half with real Poopsi. How else was I supposed to choke it down? That's worser than freaking water.

Wrote a book blurb today and added the description of my heroine to the first 5 pages of my current WIP. I had reached the end of chapter 2 with no description--seemed a bit too far out. Had already put in the luscious hero and described him!!! But not so my poor heroine. Her best friend--described. Her godchild--described. Her cat--you betcha. Her car--affirmative. But not so the heroine. It is so hard to discreetly describe your heroine when you're in her deep POV. "I'm gorgeous, with long flowing locks. I love my eyes. They're my best feature. I have got a few extra pounds in the caboose, but who doesn't?"

{EDIT} My tooth is dying, and so my pain scale keeps spiking to 5-6. Mostly it's at a 3 though.

Posted at 8:07 PM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pain and writing update

I have fabulous friends who check on me, so let me update the pain scale--doing so much better after I took my friend Amy's advice and cut back on caffeine. Still sleeping a lot though. But probably a 2 on the 1-10 scale.

Writing--Have a few new pages. Yay me! Will update the counter soon.

And a laugh, just for those who need one as badly as I do these days. I thought my car was a mess...

[EDIT] I updated the counter, and I am truly wondering if this is a 25K novella. I'm doubting my ability to write that short, especially with the degree of conflict I've got cooking.

Posted at 11:26 AM by Grace Tyler :: 4 comments