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I am a romance writer. That's not easy to say. Most people have preconceived notions about romances, and the people who write them. Let me tell you! Writing isn't for sissies. I got my first rejection in April 2004. That makes me a professional. In what other field are you considered a "professional" when you don't get called back for a second interview?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What gives an author credibility? An easy answer with certain authors--They are best sellers. They have been around for years proving that they've got the goods and they can deliver them time and again. Their innovative stories capture the hearts and minds of readers around the world and may even lead to new trends in popular literature/culture. Bridget Jones comes to mind off hand, starting a new subgenre and trend in movies as well.

But what gives a brand new author credibility? Good reviews? Her publishing house? The genre she writes in? A flashy banner, terrific advertising campaign, a wonderful title? What carries the most weight with readers? What piques your interest to try a new author?

The only item on that list I have a definitive answer for it the final question--why try a new author? In my opinion, it's the story. If the story sounds interesting, I'll pick up the book. After that, it's in the execution. Did the book live up to my expectations? Was the story told well? Was it exactly like every other story out there, or did small details make this book memorable and capture my imagination?

What does NOT give an author credibility?
1. Education. You can stuff a lot of knowledge in your head, but that doesn't mean a well-told tale will flow out of your fingers.
2. Practice. "I've been writing for years, and this is my first book." Why did it take you so long to put one out if you've been writing for years? Hey, those of us trying to get published know the answer to this, but that doesn't mean readers do. Just practicing a lot doesn't give you credibility, either. Lots of experience or minimal experience doesn't matter. Only the book in the customer's hand matters.
3. Love of reading, love of the genre, love of language. Nope. Not going to win you customers either. But it might help your writing! In my case, I believe those elements help my writing.

So you love reading! I love music, but I'm not writing any symphonies, you know?

Am I suggesting that Education, Practice, and an Appreciation for the written word are useless in becoming an author? Certainly not. I'm only saying these do not add to one's credibility with potential readers.

What gives YOU a reason to try a new author? What are you looking for?

Posted at 6:51 AM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Monday, May 05, 2008

Book Review : Coffee Time Romance

A four cups review by Maura:

This is a good contemporary romance...a wonderful tale of two people reconnecting. Callie and Hayden’s second chance at love is a nice love story with all of the ups and downs necessary and the Dalmatians Lucy and Ricky are a wonderful touch.

For the full review, please visit my friends at Coffee Time Romance.

Posted at 9:29 AM by Grace Tyler :: 0 comments

Friday, May 02, 2008

A frustrating puzzlement

I started a new work in progress a couple of weeks ago. My original idea was to write something simple and cute, less than 10K, as a giveaway for promotions. However, as is my tendency when I write, it quickly escalated into a full blown novella at least, and that's just too long to give away, especially when one only has one publication under her belt.

The frustration? As I reread my published novella the other day, it occurred to me that the new WIP had some striking similarities. Apparently the same hero with a different name stars in all my stories. Maybe the same heroine too, I don't know. The hero twists a ring around his finger in both WIPs. He has crinkles at the corners of his eyes. He thinks the exact same thought at one point. Dang, that one upset me. I deleted it in the new WIP and gave him something else to think about. Highlighted the duplicated ring twisting and will fix in new WIP when I come up with some other business for him to do.

Picked up the next WIP due at the end of June, the one I haven't touched in months, and what do you know? Even though this hero is only 25, HE has crinkled eye corners too. Blast and dagnabit. How do you keep that from happening after you write so many books/stories? Apparently I have some favorite features in men.

This bit of frustration led to the obvious conclusion--I'm a hack. All my stories are the same. Nothing happens in any of them. People eat and talk and go the bathroom with their girl friends. I.e., the group bathroom visit. All my characters are the same, and the women are all neurotic messes--like me.

Posted at 10:47 PM by Grace Tyler :: 5 comments