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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So much for balance

Maybe it's OK to let myself off the hook right now. No writing. No homework. Just a lot of health problems lately.

I already wrote I think I have fibromyalgia. My symptoms are escalating every day. I also have a pre-cancer scare going on in my girl parts. So stress over school, kids, health, writing-->depression-->pain-->depression-->fatigue-->stress, etc. See a problem with this? I sure do.

I think it's about time I quit going in for repeated biopsies and went in for the fibro symptoms. Maybe they'll give me some pain meds.

Posted at 6:46 PM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Friday, May 04, 2007

Wax on, Wax off

Life is a balancing act. Unfortunately, I'm not so good at balancing, and my life didn't come with a safety net for when I take a tumble off the highwire.

Lately though, I've managed a few tiny triumphs in the area of balance.

I COOKED. That is a major accomplishment. Wednesday night I cooked, and I made something for Thursday (yesterday) that DH could warm up, because I knew I wouldn't be up to it. I'm fighting a sinus infection and had a minor medical procedure on Thursday. I was proud of myself. Probably unnecessarily so!

I WROTE. I've struggled with this, but not because I have nothing to write. I don't have writer's block either. I don't have "I donwannas." I have homework. Lots of homework, and I feel guilty if I write when I could be homeworking. Plus, when it's been a few days (or weeks, heaven forbid) between writing sessions, it's tougher to get back into the groove. Where am I, what are the characters doing in the next scene, etc.

I DID HOMEWORK. I am almost 20% finished with the sound files in my medical transcription course. Then I take the final, then hopefully get a job. Before the end of the summer.

WAX ON, WAX OFF. My new system: Transcribe 5 files (wax on) then write 2 pages (wax off). So far it's working. Like ying-yang or something.

It's kind of strange sharing this with whoever drops by, but one thing I've learned from the published and unpublished writers I've met since starting this journey--Everyone has a life. A real, honest-to-goodness, struggle and heartache life. Sometimes even good things (like babies or grandbabies or weddings) stonewall the writing process.

Everyone has a life. Real writers write anyway.

Posted at 11:36 AM by Grace Tyler :: 6 comments

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Princess and the Pea

Remember the old fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea? The way it was proved that the princess was indeed a real princess was that she had a pea under a pile of 100 mattresses (or at least this is how I remember the tale, and I'm far too lazy to look it up to make sure) and she could feel that pea under 100 mattresses, so much so that she couldn't sleep a wink that night.

I have news for you all. She might have been a princess. I'm in no position to prove or disprove that theory. But the truth of the matter is--the woman in question had fibromyalgia. How do I know this? Because a pea would have kept a sufferer of fibromyalgia from sleeping. I'm sure of it.

My mother has fibromyalgia. Much as I love her, my dread has grown over the past few years of sharing this fate with her. As I have acquired symptom after symptom, I have finally accepted the probability that I too have fibromyalgia, the source of random pains and strange skin sensations. Perhaps even my chronic, seemingly without cause, hives.

Examples--I was wearing a pair of flip-flops the other day, and they began to hurt. The lining on the walking surface is a cotton fabric, slightly coarse weave, not rough by any stretch of the imagination. It felt like I was walking on hemp rope. KILLING ME. So I bought new flip flops.

I am taking a class in medical transcription. I have a foot pedal to listen to my audio files and then type the transcription. Leaving my heel on the floor while pressing and releasing the pedal began to hurt my heel. My heel was in contact with a wood floor. Hardly the roughest surface. But that slight friction against the wood floor was painful enough that I started to wear my new foam-soled flip flops while using the foot pedal.

My favorite newer symptom (not brand new like these foot symptoms) is the burning pain on my skin. It feels like I have a terrible sunburn, without the deep pain or illness that would accompany such a burn. It primarily strikes on my side, affecting my entire right flank. But sometimes it's in the crease of my elbow. The back of my neck. Perhaps on my thigh, or the back of my knee. And just when it randomly disappears and I think it's passed--BAM! It's back.

None of these things are terrible to live with individually. Mostly they are just irritating. Kind of like that little tiny pea.

Posted at 5:24 PM by Grace Tyler :: 3 comments