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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Asthma medication causes global warming

I know it's hard to believe, but it must be TRUE! Because when I picked my daughter's albuterol inhaler from the drug store yesterday, it had a strange label on the box. "Due to environmental impact, this product will be discontinued by the end of 2007." Or somesuch (I'm not big on finding the box to make an accurate quote).

Who knew? Global warming isn't caused by cutting down rainforests or by billions of tons of pollution in the air from our cars--which incidentally is a large contributing factor to NEEDING asthma meds--it is the result of using albuterol inhalers. Those two puffs, which are mostly dispersed into the patient's lungs, have caused the polar ice to melt.

If it's not the air pollution factor, could it be that landfills are clogged with tiny 1-inch x 3-inch canisters?

I'm all for saving the environment, though I often come across as unashamedly Un-Politically Correct. But let's put our money and efforts where they will do the most good. Sanitation and reforestation, reducing commuter pollution, recycling--make all these things easier for people, and we'll be along "for the ride!"

In the meantime, my asthmatic children and I will be watching for the hopefully-suitable replacement for our lifeline--the emergency inhaler.

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