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I am a romance writer. That's not easy to say. Most people have preconceived notions about romances, and the people who write them. Let me tell you! Writing isn't for sissies. I got my first rejection in April 2004. That makes me a professional. In what other field are you considered a "professional" when you don't get called back for a second interview?

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Friday, November 30, 2007


Since I was a teenager, I have dreaded Christmas. And I am a person imprisoned by the past.

So in order to 1) have some positive vibes for Christmas this year (and years to come hopefully), and 2) shake off the Persistently Pesky Past, I would like to start some new traditions with my husband and kids to replace the PPP memories.

Ideas for great Christmas traditions? Cheap?

Posted at 7:30 AM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Halloween

Why am I wearing a Happy Halloween shirt today?

1. I am Scrooge, and this is my subtle way of protesting Christmas.
2. It was clean.
3. Orange is my favorite color.
4. I like the attention. Being out of synch is in style.
5. Dizzy (my 2yo girl) picked my clothes out.

Posted at 7:45 PM by Grace Tyler :: 2 comments

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long past time for an update

I have a job. I have "job" aplenty, though the pay isn't what I was hoping for. A challenge to work at home and still fulfill the responsibilities of wife, mother, daughter and daughter-in-law, sister, etc., and still have a moment to write.

And when I have had a moment? I've had writer's block bigtime. Just hated the two new chapters in my WIP. Sad, because I have an agent request for the ms I'm working on, and I'm highly motivated.

I think health and finances add to the stress I already have of caring for my family and fitting in the job in the white spaces. And as I have told my writer friends many a time, Stress Kills the Muse Dead.

She can't inspire, and she can't fix the lousy new chapters. No matter how I fiddle with them. It's all well and good to say "Write something, even if it's crap." But if you can't fix the crap afterward? You're in a pickle then, aren't you?

Some progress today. Boogy, baby, boogy, before that agent forgets your name!

Posted at 6:16 PM by Grace Tyler :: 0 comments